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Northern Liberties nolib4 Don Zientara Clocks & Watches

Don Zientara is best known as the owner of Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, Virginia. Beginning with Dischord #1 (The Teen Idles "Minor Disturbance" EP), he has worked on most of the label's releases over the past 23 years, including all but one of the Fugazi records. He has engineered hundreds of other sessions and has been instrumental in helping new producers, including J. Robbins (of Jawbox) and Chad Clark (of Beauty Pill and Silver Sonya) get their start.

This is Don's second solo album, following Sixteen SSongs, released on Northern Liberties in 2003.

1. Somewhere
2. Situation Vacant
3. Basement's On Fire
4. Ms. To Self
5. The Plot
6. Places
7. Rainy Day In Paradise
8. Darfur
9. Part And Parcel
10. Ol' Sparky
11. Clocks And Watches