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Northern Liberties nolib5 Don Zientara I Was Waiting

The is Don's third full-length for Northern Liberties. This album is available as a download only. You can either purchase the entire album to download or buy individual MP3 tracks with Digital Credits.

If you have purchased a digital copy and you wish to burn a personal-use CD you will find cover-art templates to print here:
Cover-folder PDF(96k)
Traycard-outside PDF(92k)
Traycard-inside PDF(32k)

1. The Soul Of A Man
2. Reason
3. So Long (Happy Trails)
4. Welcome To My World
5. I Was Waiting
6. Goodbye To Good Old LSD
7. 2008
8. Senseless
9. Someone
10. Speed
11. It's Shifting
12. Annie
13. Taking Off
14. Birmingham
15. Combinated
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studios