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By: Nathan Winslow almost 10 years ago


Any chance of being able to get a download of this record?

Thx, Nate

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Desoto pl50 v/a Play

PLAY is for adults and young people who like kid-friendly music that can be listened to over and over and over again without visions of dancing purple dinosaurs or color-coded Australians buzzing in your brain. Another way of saying it...finally, some actually cool music for cool kids.

  1. Anna Oxygen Born to Shake
  2. Channels with Damon Locks Always Check for Holes
  3. Georgie James The Grizzly Jive
  4. Sgt. Major Nellie the Elephant
  5. Mudhoney I Like to Make Noise and Break Things
  6. Mock Orange Holiday Dinner Song
  7. Mirah and Tara Jane O'Neill Green Up Time
  8. Young Fresh Fellows Picnic
  9. Mary Timony Clap Your Hands
  10. Soccer Team I'll Never Fear Ghosts Again
  11. Supersuckers Rubber Biscuit
  12. The Cassettes Truck on (Truck)
  13. Ben Davis & The Jetts Bouncin' Party
  14. Visqueen Centerfield