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By: James Vitatoe almost 13 years ago

"There's nothing I want more than the nothing I want from you." RLTSOT was always a fave. Thanks for make these available in digital format.

By: Thomas F Brown almost 13 years ago

First, I would like to thank the band, Pete in particular for waking me up to Zinn, Chomsky and a book called Lies My Teachers told me, and for selling me your two singles at an Into Another show in the mid 90's. Second, I would like to apologize to Doug for stupidly and rock showishly, poking him in the chest at one of Fugazi's shows in the late 90's and clownishly asking him "When are you guys playing again?" To which he deftly answered "Who?" That's when it dawned on me that all of Dischords musicians are prolific and not to be physically poked. What a dummy. Third, I'd like to thank Dischord for releasing anything by RLTSOT again. I misplaced my vinyl(subsequently found it) and went on a mad tear in search of anything by them and found a reasonable seller on ebay for a used cd of the album. Well worth the hunt.

By: Alec B almost 13 years ago

Yikes! I kinda like it as "glove" but it also makes me feel a little queasy. Fixed!

By: Bobby Sullivan almost 13 years ago

Hey. The first song is called "Bad Man's Grave."

By: Alec B almost 13 years ago

Washington Bullets is a cover song and it was just too complicated to get digital clearance.

By: Timothy Sheehan almost 13 years ago

What happened to "Washington Bullets"? One of the best RLTSOT songs and it's nowhere to be found on either of these digital-only releases, even though side A ("What I Want") of the record that contains "Washington Bullets" is present here. What gives? I'm hoping it's a rectifiable oversight of some kind, like "Bad Man's Glove."

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Self Released rain01 Rain Like The Sound Of Trains Waiting For The Water

This album includes tracks from the band's 2 singles combined with the tracks from the "Waiting For The Water" EP.

1. Bad Man's Grave
2. Cooking With Anger
3. What I Want
4. Incoming
5. Under The Eye
6. Picked
7. Waiting For The Water
8. So Long As Forever (Dub)