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The Most Secret Method revel in the economy of motion. Three elements; guitar, bass and a trap-kit, stripped to its bare essentials. Their songs move from clean tones and and lock-rhythm-grooves to sonic explosions that speak of rage, passion, and joy, not just in turn --but somehow all at once. As always, the artwork for "Our Success" is culled from the amazing and slightly twisted original drawings of (drummer) Ryan Nelson and pulled together with the help and vision of designer du jour Jason Farrell into a beautiful full color package.

1. Instrumental
2. Diff and Simone
3. Louise Lake
4. Idols
5. Instrumental
6. The Year 3000
7. Charlotte Corday and The Whales
8. Spill More Blood
9. Some White People Don't Know When To Quit
10. Instrumental
11. Echolocation
12. Mope Is A Fucking Piece of Shit
13. Daggers
14. Callisto
15. Instrumental