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Less Deep Inside Keeps


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By: Chris Revell over 8 years ago permalink

Thanks to [email protected] for the comments to this cd you left for me when I ordered this. I love this album! One of the best things that I ever heard! Every track on here is great. A very underrated DC album!

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Sammich Records sr02 Soul Side Less Deep Inside Keeps

This is Soulside's first album which was originally released as a 12" LP only on Sammich Records in 1987. It is now available in CD and digital MP3 formats.

1. Pearl To Stone + queue
2. One Step Higher + queue
3. Walking + queue
4. Don't Let Me Down + queue
5. You've Heard It Before + queue
6. Over And Out + queue
7. I Find The Other Side + queue
8. In Days To Come + queue
9. Dreams + queue
10. Fresh Air + queue