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Teenbeat tb556 Party Milk Your Problem As a Mountain

The second album from Washington, D.C.'s Party Milk (a.k.a. Fang Wizard), twelve years in the making. The band, consisting of D. Trevor Kampmann and Mark R. Robinson choose a new moniker for each album release. 35 songs on opaque black vinyl.

1. I Miss Something

2. The Honeymoon Workbook

3. Match and Glow

4. Wedding Hair

5. Order Empire

6. Want A Norwegian Forest

7. Crunchy Teriyaki

8. Beverage Meat

9. Experienced Vegetarians

10. Dirt Battery

11. Sunscreens and Aerosols

12. Photos Help

13. Niche Camp

14. Ideas for Chandelier

15. Introduction to Floating

16. Beat Beton Markets

17. Hello Saxophone

18. Silly Summer
19. Every Runner

20. Animal Magic

21. Shake Pumpkin

22. Auto Pop

23. How to Read the Water

24. Besieged Orange

25. Call Your Rocks

26. Swimming Pool Sparkle

27. Mini Pets

28. Then I Took Two

29. Wise Women Topics

30. One Hundred and One Patchwork Patterns

31. Jet Lag Plane

31. Sizzling Circuits

33. The First Phone

34. Heart to Heart Peanut

35. Video Course