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Thrill Jockey tj12481 Skull Defekts 2013 – 3012

In April 2011, The Skull Defekts toured the US to celebrate the release of the "Peer Amid" album on Thrill Jockey Records, a record where the Swedish core of the band was completed by the presence of Daniel Higgs on vocals. The band decided to invite Higgs' old Lungfish companion Asa Osborne and his Zomes project to open for them on tour. It didn't take long for them to find each other in friendship and a common belief in the power of music and sound. The Skull Defekts and Zomes have different ways of presenting this belief, but it was clear to everyone attending these intense shows that the artists did share something special, beautiful, and rare. When the crew found themselves with a cancelled show midway through the tour, they luckily were at Machines With Magnets where they had played a show the night before - a great studio in Pawtucket, RI (previously used by bands like Battles and The Psychic Paramount). The studio had just ended a recording session, and the band entered for an explosive and extremely creative one day session. Two new songs were written and recorded, and another one that had been played on the tour was put to tape... The Skull Defekts and Zomes in Pawtucket, RI. Something beautiful, something strong and important was there, and these six men succeeded in documenting it with the great help of Seth Manchester and Keith Souza. Sometimes magic happens. This was one of those moments.

The A-side consists of the three songs recorded during the session. The B-side is meant to be played from the inner-most groove out and plays the same tracks backward.

Daniel V Higgs
Asa VI Osborne
Henrik II Rylander
Jean-Louis III Huhta
Joachim I Nordwall
Daniel IV Fagerström

Recorded At
Machines with Magnets
Mastered By
Heba Kadry