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Thrill Jockey tj240 Daniel Higgs Say God

Say God is a body of Gospel songs offered to the Listenership at this late date by Daniel Higgs, as recorded in the Summer of 2009 by David Andrew Sitek.

The songs are sung in praise, thanks, and wonder, sacrificed to the all-pervading Mystery, evidence of which abounds as realities-within-realities, in this, our world, as we find it. The songs attract and repulse, beckon and banish, twist and shout, recklessly spinning in the remote (nearby) wildernesses of the heart-mind. Listen and find.

The 2xCD version is presented in a 4 panel gatefold mini-LP style package with fold out 8” x 10” insert. The 2xLP comes in an gatefold jacket with 8” x 10” insert and an MP3 download coupon. Vinyl edition is limited to 1,000 copies.