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Jeff Nelson

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Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson founded Dischord Records as a teenager in 1980 with partner Ian MacKaye. Their original intent was simply to release a single to document their recently defunct band, Teen Idles. However, the label has gone on to release music from more than 70 bands, with more than 160 albums over the last 40 years and counting.

As musicians Ian and Jeff went on to form Minor Threat, who along with Bad Brains are credited in the early 80s with introducing the DC hardcore ethic to an audience well beyond Washington, D.C.

Jeff relocated to Toledo, Ohio in 2003 where he remains active with Dischord as well as the side label he founded in 1989, Adult Swim. He most recently played drums in a band called Fast Piece of Furniture who released an debut album in May 2007 on Adult Swim/Dischord.

Jeff sells Dischord t-shirts and sweatshirts through his company Pedestrian Press. These are the only official, authorized Dischord shirts.