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By: Rob Walmsley over 3 years ago permalink

Any plans to repress this on 7"?

By: Matthew H Camp over 8 years ago permalink

would like to buy but it keeps saying "out of stock" when I click :-(

By: Alec B over 8 years ago permalink

Hey John -- Thanks for the heads up! The tracks must have been deleted by mistake. Everything is now back in order.

By: John Claus over 8 years ago permalink

Aren't there 10 tracks on the No Policy EP? Why are there only 6 tracks listed?

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Dischord 002 State Of Alert No Policy

Ten songs by State of Alert, released in 1981.

This 7" EP is out of print. However, these songs are available on the 1981: The Year In Seven Inches CD, The Four Old Seven Inches LP, and here as MP3s.

Henry Garfield
Michael Hampton
Wendel Blow
Simon Jacobsen

1. Lost In Space + queue
2. Draw Blank + queue
3. Girl Problems + queue
4. Blackout + queue
5. Gate Crashers + queue
6. Warzone + queue
7. Riot + queue
8. Gang Fight + queue
9. Public Defender + queue
10. Gonna Hafta Fight + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Produced By
Skip Groff