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(October 1980 - July 1981)

Henry Garfield - vocals
Michael Hampton - guitar
Wendel Blow - bass
Simon Jacobsen - drums

When The Extorts broke up, their singer, Lyle Preslar, started playing guitar with Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson in what would become Minor Threat. The other three Extorts joined up with Henry Garfield (Rollins) to form State of Alert (SOA). The two bands debuted together in Washington, D.C. at a house party opening for The Untouchables, Black Market Baby, and the Bad Brains in December of 1980.

SOA brought a new level of aggression to the music and it reflected well the mood of many of the kids in the young D.C. punk scene. In the early part of 1981, the bands and kids were being kicked out of clubs and the attempts to play shows in other spaces were often ended by a visit from the police.

SOA and Minor Threat had a bit of a rivalry going, not only because there were ex-bandmates, but because Henry and Ian had been best friends for years. When The Teen Idles' record came out it was decided that any money that came back in would be used to put out another D.C. band's record. SOA was not interested in waiting, however, so Henry put up his own money to put out the 10-song "No Policy" 7". 

In July of 1981, SOA played their last show, opening for Black Flag in Philadelphia at a show that ended in a riot. A few days later Henry got on a bus to meet up with Black Flag again, but this time it was to join the band. 

Photo: Tina Angelos