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By: Matt Skiba almost 10 years ago

This is one of the records I learned to play drums to as a kid in my parents basement. This and both Grippe and Novelty by Jawbox were so HUGE in my musical development and were vastly important to expanding my musical taste and led me to check out stuff that wasn't necessarily straight up, conventional punk rock. It was because of this record that I got really into stuff like Talking Heads and even from there, stuff that wasn't punk music at all. I'm very thankful for this release to this day.

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Dischord 072 Severin Acid to Ashes and Rust to Dust

Severin's full-length record, released in 1992.

The CD includes songs from the "Smash Hits" 7 Inch, see #072.5, plus one extra track.

Alec Bourgeois vocals & guitar
Eugene Bogan bass
Mark Haggerty guitar
Alex Daniels drums

1. Fire and Sand
2. Catholic Girl
3. New #1
4. Stones Throw
5. Unglued
6. Believe
7. Me and You
8. Liquid Thoughts
9. Close
10. Speaking Oyster
11. People Are Wrong
Recorded At
Produced By
Geoff Turner & Severin