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By: Don Scott about 7 years ago

I would also be quite interested in a CD copy of this when it becomes available.

By: Kyle Harmon almost 10 years ago

I'm very interested in buying this album on cd format as soon as it comes back into stock

By: Aaron Leitko almost 10 years ago

Hello Eric,

The small run from several years ago was on green and was not remastered. This current pressing, which is on clear, has been remastered.


By: Eric Barry almost 10 years ago

Is the LP master the same that was done in a small run on black vinyl to fill the warehouse find jackets from three years back?

By: michael caccavale over 10 years ago

How about repressing the 7" material or the slowdime ep.

By: Andrei about 11 years ago

Is there any chance this will be restocked in the near future?

By: Luke Pfaff over 11 years ago

I bought the LP on vinyl and the redeem code wouldn't work.

By: david forshey almost 12 years ago

Can"t wait for the mailman to show up !

By: Geoffrey Vincent about 12 years ago

Please restock soon!!!

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Dischord 089 Hoover Lurid Traversal of Rte. 7

Hoover's first and only full-length album, released in 1994.

The re-mastered CD also includes 3 songs (tracks 11-13) from the #086.5 7 Inch. 

CD Re-Mastered: 2005

Joseph McRedmond guitar & vocals
Frederick Erskine bass & vocals
Alex Dunham guitar & vocals
Christopher Farrall drums

1. Distant
2. Pretender
3. Electrolux
4. Shut
5. Route 7
6. Regulator Watts
7. Father
8. Cable
9. Letter
10. Cuts Like Drugs
11. Return
12. Private
13. Dries
Recorded At
WGNS Studios
Produced By
Geoff Turner and Juan Carrera