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(Summer 1992 - Spring 1994)

Joe McRedmond - guitar, vocals
Frederick T. Erskine - bass, vocals
Alex T. Dunham - guitar, vocals
Christopher Farrall - drums, smiley faces

By the early 1990s, D.C. had become well-known in the underground music scene and had become a destination for people looking for a place to land after leaving their hometowns. Because many of the people moving into town were musicians, a number of new bands featuring these transplants began to spring up and, probably owing to their unique perspective on what was happening here, they brought with them new interpretations of the music.

One of these bands was Hoover. Ian MacKaye had met most of the members in their respective towns over the years while on tour with his band, Fugazi, and rolled in the same circles once they moved to D.C. Their early shows convinced him to go into Inner Ear with them to record their first single, which was released as a Dischord/Hoover Limited half-label. Later they would record an album, "The Lurid Traversal of Rte. 7", for Dischord with Geoff Turner at WGNS studios. The band broke up in 1994.

 Photo: Pat Graham 

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