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By: Mary Billyou over 1 year ago

Yes vinyl please!

By: Bill Goodwin over 9 years ago

so pleased to be getting this on vinyl - one of my Top 3 punk band / albums and favorite musicians (Christina Billotte) to this day.

By: Anthony Reitz almost 10 years ago

They showed up in Chicago to play and before the show a couple of them were fixing their van in front of the venue. Great show and DIY through and through.


By: BCORE / Albert about 12 years ago

Yeah! We want it on vinyl!

By: mike koenig over 12 years ago

i vote for this on a vinyl platter as well!

By: Shawn P Breen over 12 years ago

Vinyl! Vinyl! Vinyl!... a nice shade of red maybe? Oh... and a reunion show would be great too. On the list of favorite records of my life.

By: brian cagle almost 13 years ago

Yep, vinyl please.

By: Alec Bee almost 13 years ago

This is a personal favorite of mine as well. I'd love to see it back on vinyl -- if we can drum up more support then perhaps we can get it done!

By: Harry Neale almost 13 years ago

This is such a great record. When is it going to be reissued on vinyl?

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Dischord 091 Slant 6 Soda Pop*Rip Off

Slant 6's first full-length album, released in 1994.

This 12" LP has been remastered by TJ Lipple.

Christina Billotte guitar & vocals
Myra Power bass & vocals
Marge Marshall drums

1. Don't You Ever
2. Nights X 9
3. Love Shock
4. Double Edged Knife
5. Time Expired
6. Invisible Footsteps
7. Poison Arrows Shot at Heroes
8. Don't Censor Me
9. Blood Song
10. Soda Pop-Rip Off
11. Become Your Ghost
12. Blue Angel
13. March 6
14. What Kind of Monster Are You?
15. Semi-Blue Tile
16. Thirty-Thirty Vision
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Produced By
Ian MacKaye and Slant 6