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By: Levi Cecil over 9 years ago

I would love to see this awesome EP on vinyl.

By: David McHenry about 13 years ago

I LOVE THIS BAND and I never was able to find this before. I am really happy that you found some! another reason to love DIschord forever.

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Dischord 128.5 Beauty Pill Cigarette Girl from the Future

The Debut EP from Beauty Pill. This record was released in 2001 as a split with DeSoto Records.

This EP was re-issued as an expanded double-LP by Butterscotch Records in 2015.

Chad Clark vocals, guitar, treatments
Joanne Gholl vocals, bass, guitar
Abram Goodrich drums, bass, guitar

1. Rideshare
2. The Cigarette Girl From the Future
3. The Idiot Heart
4. Bone White Crown Victoria
5. Here Lies Rachel Wallace
Recorded At
Silver Sonya