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Beauty Pill

(2000 - present)

Chad Clark - guitar, vocals
Jean Cook - vocals, strings, keys
Devin Ocampo - guitar, drums
Drew Doucette - guitar
Basla Andolsun - bass
Abram Goodrich - drums, guitar
Beauty Pill

Beauty Pill is a shape shifting musical project directed by Chad Clark. The two most consistent elements in Beauty Pill's music are Chad's creative vision and change. Chad has assembled and disassembled several line-ups over the years that include both one-off collaborators and regular core contributors.

The first beauty Pill EP, "The Cigarette Girl From the Future", was released as a split venture between Dischord Records and Desoto Records in 2001 and features Chad, Abram Goodrich and Joanne Gholl. Shortly thereafter Chad was joined by Ryan Nelson, Basla Andolsun, Drew Doucette, and Rachel Burke who formed the core membership that is featured on the "You Are Right To Be Afraid" EP and "The Unsustainable Lifestyle" full-length, released in 2003-04.

Since 2005, Chad has collaborated extensively with Jean Cook, Devin Ocampo, Basla Andolsun, Drew Doucette, and Abram Goodrich. In 2011 Beauty Pill was commissioned to record an album "in residence" at Artispere, a community art-space located in Arlington, VA. Six months later, the resulting compositions were included in an installation titled, “Immersive Ideal.”

 Previous collaborators:
Joanne Gholl
Rachel Burke
Ryan Nelson
Chad Molter
Holly Montoya


Photo: Kristin Forbes