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(2007 -)

Basla Andolsun - vocals, guitar, bass
Kristin Forbes - bass
Sammy Ponzar - drums

Also Featuring:
David Brown - guitar
Chris Farrall - drums
Clark Sabine - bass

Andalusians was the songwriting vehicle for Basla Andolsun, who performed in Beauty Pill, Del Cielo and E.D. Sedgwick. Basla was supported live and in the studio by a revolving line-up of collaborators, including Kristin Forbes, Sammy Ponzar, David Brown, Chris Farrall, Clark Sabine, and Chad Molter. Andalusians’ debut single, "Do The Work", was released on Dischord in February 2009 and featured 3 songs and a 6 song MP3 download.

Photo: PJ Sykes

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