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By: Matthew Cowgill over 1 year ago

This is so great! I'm so thankful I'm finally hearing this.

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Ernest Jenning Record Co. EJRC193 Beauty Pill Blue Period

Beauty Pill - Blue Period Dbl LP Limited Stock: 17 Available

Blue Period includes both of the band’s releases from this time, The Unsustainable Lifestyle LP and You Are Right To Be Afraid EP, as well as a full side of previously unreleased outtakes and demos. The release, out January 20, 2023, marks the first time this music is available on vinyl.

Blue Period is presented over two 140 gram LPs in a gorgeous foil stamped gatefold jacket featuring previously unseen band photos and stunning artwork from original designer and band member Ryan Nelson.

*This is a pre-order that will ship around Jan 20, 2023*

  1. Goodnight For Real 2023 Remaster
  2. Lifeguard In Wintertime 2023 Remaster
  3. The Mule On The Plane 2023 Remaster
  4. Prison Song 2023 Remaster
  5. The Western Prayer 2023 Remaster
  6. Wont You Be Mine 2023 Remaster
  7. Such Large Portions 2023 Remaster
  8. Nancy Medley Girl Genius Age 15 2023 Remaster
  9. Quote Devout Unquote 2023 Remaster
  10. Drive Down The Cost 2023 Remaster
  11. Im Just Gonna Close My Eyes... 2023 Remaster
  12. Terrible Things 2023 Remaster
  13. Leron And Lele 2023 Remaster
  14. Copyists 2023 Remaster
  15. You Are Right To Be Afraid 2023 Remaster
  16. Quote Devout Unquote Alternate 2023 Remaster
  17. You Yes You 2023 Remaster
  18. Goodnight For Real DEMO
  19. This Is The Hidden Track Alternate
  20. I Dont Live Today
  21. Drive Down The Cost DEMO
  22. Fugue State Companion
  23. My Gen