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Dischord 128 El Guapo Super/System

In March 2001, El Guapo recorded their debut album for Dischord Records, "super/system," with Phil Manley of Trans Am at National Recording Studio. The 18-song, 42-minute final edit -- hailed by People Magazine as the "Pet Sounds" of Washington, D.C. postpunk -- is a testament to the band's multi-instrumental versatility and innovative approach to music making.

The 12" LP is out of print. However, these songs are available on CD and as Digital MP3s. 

Justin Moyer vocals, bass, drums, electronics
Peter Cafarella vocals, accordion, electronics
Rafael Cohen vocals, guitar, oboe, electronics

1. My Bird Sings
2. Elguapolis
3. Inevitability
4. Rumbledream
5. Time Crisis II
6. Rhyme Scene/Rhyme Dream
7. As In...
8. The Kid is Building Something
9. Buildables
10. Super/stition
11. Scientific Instruments
12. Faith-Based Music
13. Disappointment Spelled With "V"
14. Actual Sound
15. Laser Eyes
16. Dance, Danza
17. Clock
18. Being Boulevards
Recorded At
Mastered By
Chad Clark at Silver Sonya