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Fake French


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By: David Donaldson almost 2 years ago permalink

it would be rad to see a vinyl repress of this great album!

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Dischord 134 El Guapo Fake French

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The 12" LP comes with a free MP3 download when purchased from Dischord.

"Fake French," El Guapo's second and bestselling Dischord release, was released in March 2003. Most of the music was recorded by the band in Justin's parents' living room outside of Philadelphia, Pa.; the rest was recorded by Chad Clark at Inner Ear, where he mixed the entire thing.

Justin Moyer
vocals, bass, drums, electronics
Peter Cafarella
vocals, accordion, electronics
Rafael Cohen
vocals, guitar, oboe, electronics

1. Glass House + queue
2. Just Don't Know + queue
3. Ocean and Sky + queue
4. Space Tourist + queue
5. Justin Destroyer + queue
6. Fake French + queue
7. Underground + queue
8. I Don't Care + queue
9. Hawks + queue
10. The Time: Night + queue
11. Pick It Up + queue
12. Hollywood Crew + queue
Recorded At
Tiptoe Studio and Inner Ear by
Mixed By
Chad Clark at Inner Ear Studios