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By: Kevin Emery over 11 years ago

They are absolutely excellent. I was turned onto Jerry Busher's drumming via the DC EP by John Frusciante.

I don't think I've come across such a (relatively) unknown band that is so truly excellent before, at least not very recently.

By: Adrian Zias over 11 years ago

this is some great stuff!

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Dischord 148 French Toast In A Cave

The debut album by French Toast. Released in 2005.

James Canty vocals, guitar, drums, keys
Jerry Busher vocals, bass, drums, keys

1. Float Away
2. Pattern
3. New Dub
4. What I See
5. Lion's Den
6. Seen Me
7. In My Room
8. Off Center
9. Back Off Or Els
10. Anger In Your Eyes
11. Insane
12. Nobody Knows
Recorded At
Key Club Recording Studios by
Produced By
Bill Skibble, Jessica Ruffins & French Toast