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Waiting for the Next End of the World


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By: Kemp Herbster over 7 years ago permalink

Why is this not on vinyl??? The world would be such a better place...

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Dischord 151 Channels Waiting for the Next End of the World

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The debut LP by Channels. Released in 2006.

J. Robbins
vocals, guitar
Janet Morgan
Darren Zentek

1. To The New Mandarins + queue
2. Lucky Lamb + queue
3. The Licensee + queue
4. Helen Mirren + queue
5. Unreal Estates + queue
6. Hug The Floor + queue
7. MayDay + queue
8. Chivaree + queue
9. $99.99 + queue
10. New Logo + queue
11. Little Empires + queue
12. Mercury + queue
Recorded At
Magpie Cage, Phase & Inner Ear by
Produced By
Channels & Freeman Moxy
Mastered By
Alan Douches at West West Side