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(2003 - present)

Janet Morgan - bass/vocals
J. Robbins - guitar/vocals
Darren Zentek - drums

Bassist/vocalist Janet Morgan, guitarist/vocalist J. Robbins, and drummer Darren Zentek initially formed the band Channels in 2003. They wrote songs, played shows, recorded and released an EP and a full-length album. Morgan and Robbins’ son Callum was born in 2006, and was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy later that same year. This diagnosis forced a sharp reordering of priorities and the band was put on indefinite hiatus.

Though Zentek and Robbins went on to make music together in other projects, Channels was never officially disbanded. The three members felt strongly that Channels had a special chemistry, and that they had more to say together if they could ever make the opportunity to do it. In 2016, it finally became possible. Despite the difficult challenge of making the band work around the demands of grown-up family lives with unique responsibilities, and members living in different cities (Robbins and Morgan in Baltimore and Zentek in D.C.), they were still able to start jamming. It clicked like they had never even taken a break, ideas flowed like crazy, and above all it was FUN.

The two songs on this single are the first two songs written and fully arranged by the newly re-energized Channels, and they both were born in jams; the result of going in to the basement with just the beginnings of a bass line, everyone listening and pitching in, and coming out with something more than any individual one of them could have created alone.

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