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By: Dr. J Bercier about 13 years ago

it's ridiculous that this album isn't 100x more popular. it's excellent.

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Dischord 154 French Toast Ingleside Terrace

The second and final full-length by French Toast. Released in 2006.

James Canty vocals, guitar, organ
Jerry Busher vocals, guitar, bass, drums, tapes, keys
Ben Gilligan vocals, guitar, bass

1. The Letter
2. Protest Sign
3. Take Me All The Way
4. Secrets
5. Treason
6. Settle In
7. Brejnev
8. Train's Leavin'
9. Wasn't He Great
10. Took You For Strong
11. U.S.S.B.S
12. Fork In The Road
Recorded At
Blindspot Studios & The Cave
Produced By
Brendan Canty
Mastered By
T.J. Lipple at Silver Sonya