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By: Miles Hoyle over 9 years ago

Does Dischord have plans to reissue this on vinyl as well? Bought this on CD when it was first reissued in 2007, would totally love to pick it up again on vinyl--- it's a classic/must own record-- love it!! : )

By: Dennis Berendts over 10 years ago

Reissue this on vinyl, please. :)

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Dischord 161.5 Deadline 8/2/82

Deadline's final recording session. The songs were released in 1987 as a one-sided 12" by the Peterbilt label. That record is now long out of print. In 2007, the record was re-issued onto CD. It is currently only available only as a digital MP3 download

Brendan Canty
Christian Caron
Ray Hare
Terry Scanlon

1. i.c.a.
2. nothing for me
3. apathy
4. close door
5. outside the law
6. anti-christ
7. deep sixed
8. mad
9. no end
10. authority figures
11. decayed