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(Summer 1981 - September 1982)

Ray Hare - vocals
Christian Caron - guitar
Terry Scanlon - bass
Brendan Canty - drums

Deadline was one of the signature bands of the early D.C. hardcore scene. The four piece, composed of Brendan Canty (drums), Christian Caron (guitar), Terry Scanlon (bass), and Ray Hare (vocals), formed in the summer of 1981. They recorded a demo at Inner Ear Studios that September and from those sessions three tracks were culled for use on the Dischord "Flex Your Head" sampler.

After playing a number of memorable shows through the following year, including opening for Flipper at the old 9:30 club, the band recorded one more session at Inner Ear in August of 1982 just prior to disbanding. That tape, once one of the great lost gems of D.C. punk, was eventually released by the Peterbilt label as a one-sided 12" called "8/2/82." In 2007, the 12” was re-issued onto CD.

Photo: Leslie Clague