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By: Jason Hallsworth 27 days ago

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Dischord 193 Hammered Hulls Careening

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Hammered Hulls’ debut LP ‘Careening’ may very well be the last record to be recorded and mixed at famed Washington, DC area recording studio Inner Ear. Engineered by studio owner Don Zientara and produced by Ian MacKaye, ‘Careening’ was started right before the pandemic lockdown and completed in summer/fall of 2021.

*This album will be out Oct 28th. Records will ship on or around the release date. Any additional items ordered will be held and shipped in the same package*

Alec MacKaye vocals
Mark Cisneros guitar
Mary Timony bass
Chris Wilson drums

1. Boilermaker's Notch
2. Hardest Road
3. Bog People
4. Pilot Light
5. Not Gone
6. Rights and Reproduction
7. Needlepoint Tiger
8. Staggering Genius
9. Abstract City
10. Sounding the Sea
11. Written Word
12. Mission Statement