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Hammered Hulls

(2018 - present)

Mark Cisneros - guitar
Alec MacKaye - vocals
Mary Timony - bass
Chris Wilson - drums
Hammered Hulls

Hammered Hulls’ debut LP ‘Careening’ may very well be the last record recorded and mixed at famed Washington, D.C. area recording studio Inner Ear. Engineered by studio owner Don Zientara and produced by Ian MacKaye, ‘Careening’ was started right before the pandemic lockdown and completed in summer/fall of 2021. 

A new band of long-time players, Hammered Hulls’ music hews close to some of their early influences. Alec MacKaye is the voice, Mark Cisneros is the guitarist, Mary Timony takes a nimble and rarely-heard turn as bassist, and Chris Wilson commands the drums. Each of them brings their individual imprint to the total sound. This concussion of strength upon strength, unified by vulnerable songs, only barely contained, is the signature sound of Hammered Hulls.

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