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(1986 - 1989)

Alec MacKaye - vocals
Chris Bald - guitar
Chris Thomson - bass
Dante Ferrando - drums

Alec MacKaye and Chris Bald (both ex-Faith) formed Ignition with Dante Ferrando (Gray Matter) and Chris Thomson (ex-Soulside) in 1986. The band played its first show in the spring of 1987 at D.C. space.

Ignition continued to play for a couple of years and toured extensively during that time, including a long European trip, making them one of the first Dischord bands to play overseas. Their shows were chaotic and unpredictable, with one ending before the band had finished even a single song after Chris Bald smashed his guitar and amp in a fit of frustration. This is possibly the shortest set ever played by a D.C. band.
Ignition released two albums and several 7"s, all of which were culled onto one CD, "Complete Services", released on Dischord in 1994.

Photo: Cynthia Connolly