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Dischord 198.5 Fidelity Jones Magdeburg Lad

Fidelity Jones broke up in 1990. In 2023, the four of them came together for the first time since then to do an interview for a podcast. In the conversation they were reminded that they often included different cover songs in their live performances. Onam (formerly Tomas) mentioned he heard a song that would have been a great candidate back in those days, which led to a joke about booking time at a studio. That joke evolved into a session. Two years spent honing two cover songs, one unrecorded old original, and one new song has resulted in the Magdeburg Lad EP.  Fidelity Jones will remain an ongoing recording entity with plans on making more music in the future.

Onam Emmet - vocals, guitar 

Andy Charneco - guitar, keys 

Dug E. Bird - bass, keys 

Jerry Busher - drums, percussion 

Ayanna Gregory - vocals 

Kamyar Arsani - vocals, daf 

1. Life is Hard Enough Without Goodbyes
2. Stay the Hand
3. Truth Will Set You Free
4. JOY