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Fidelity Jones

(Spring 1988 - Spring 1990)

Tomas Squip Jones - vocals
Andy Charneco - guitar
Dug E. Bird - bass
Jerry Busher - drums
Fidelity Jones

After Beefeater folded, Tomas Squip and Dug Bird started brainstorming about their next project. When the Positive Force House formed, Tomas and Dug were among the earliest tenants, and soon after moving in they began to play music with two of the other housemates, Maria Jones and Jerry Busher.

Positive Force D.C. was a punk activist group that met in the house every Saturday. The group helped organize benefit concerts as well as protests and other projects, including the "State of the Union" benefit compilation. The Fidelity Jones song on "State of the Union" is the only documentation of the original line-up, as soon after they recorded, Maria left to play drums with the Holy Rollers.

The second line-up included Andy Charneco, who had played in many bands in the D.C. underground over the years, including the infamous White Boy, as well as On Beyond Zebra. The band continued to push the musical envelope of punk at a time when many people just were not having it, and ultimately, they may well have realized the eclectic sound that they had originally envisioned. 

Photo: Amy Pickering