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Lovitt Records LOV10 Engine Down Hold All Applause/Castalia

Jonathan Fuller guitar and vocals
Jason Wood bass and vocals 
Cornbread Compton  drums 
Jeremy Taylor  guitar and vocals 

2 songs Recorded: Late 1997

Released: 1998

Harrisonburg, Virginia's Engine Down sprung forth from the ashes of Sleepytime Trio, and this seven-inch is an introduction to this intense quartet. Methodical, intricate, and beautiful guitar musings (featuring original guitarist Jeremy) lull you into submission only so you can be set up for the explosion that awaits. There is no time to waste, and Engine Down are ready to show you how to do the stop, drop, and roll when you realize this record has you on fire! 

  1. Hold All Applause 
  2. Castalia

Recorded at Boombox Magnetica 

Produced by Jonathan Kreinik