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Lovitt Records LOV38 Ben Davis Aided and Abetted

Two years after his first album, The Hushed Patterns of Relief, was released, Ben Davis returns with his newest album, Aided & Abetted. This album is the result of 16 musicians and six production gurus from six states working together during four recording and mixing sessions. Unlike many other studio albums, the album is enhanced by the input from such diverse sources and individuals. Davis has accomplished the rare feat of crafting a full-length in the studio that is both cohesive and accessible. The album underscores a marked maturity that has evolved since his first album and is a calculated mix of melancholy rock and bright, textured pop. Davis and his collaborators draw from intense and impressive palettes to conjure an album brimming with verve and electricity. 

Co-produced by Davis, Jonathan Fuller, Nick Peterson, and Mark Smoot, the record is a menagerie of angular guitars, dynamic drumming, layered Rhodes pianos, and lush and harmony-laden vocals. The songs range from slow, heart-wrenching tales to vibrant guitar-driven numbers. Hints of Pink Floyd and the Beach Boys seep into songs that evoke the spirit of Davis's other projects, such as Sleepytime Trio and Bats & Mice. Ben's fluid, effortless vocals often pair with Aimee Argotes' rich harmonies to devastating effect, held together and accentuated by brilliantly blended guitar work and a unique, powerful rhythm section. 

Aided & Abetted also features a multimedia section that highlights the making of the album and a comprehensive look at each contributing member.

Ben Davis - baritone guitar and vocals
Aimee Argote- guitar and vocals 
Tim Herzog -bass 
Luke Herbst -drums 
Dave Laney -guitar 
David NeSmith - guitar 

Produced by Ben Davis, Jonathan Fuller, Nick Peterson 

  1. Departure Warning
  2. Time A Bind
  3. Old And Played
  4. Blue-Hearted Sleeve
  5. Underdawg
  6. Crawler
  7. In Either Words
  8. Green Forestry Ranger
  9. Farfisa Visa
  10. Just Relax Won't You
  11. A Forced Escape Canoe
  12. Double Daring