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Lovitt Records LOV44 Del Cielo Us Vs Them

Andrea Lisi
 guitar and vocals

Basla Andolsun
bass and vocals 

Katy Otto


Fall 2004

 March 7th, 2005

The ladies of Del Cielo triumphantly return with their second full-length, Us vs. Them. A follow-up to 2003�s Wish and Wait, Us vs. Them is a collection of charged rock songs and contemplative ballads dealing with themes of everyday human experience. Love, friendship, jealousy, and ambition are some of the topics explored through a first-person narrative that is both deeply raw and delightfully carefree. Del Cielo�s enthusiasm combined with their musical talent and ruggedly independent spirit makes them compelling and unique. 

The beauty of Del Cielo is their ability to craft personal stories with transcendent themes into intricate and memorable songs laden with hooks and unanticipated about-faces. Del Cielo employs a wide arsenal of songwriting techniques to propel them past the realm of mere catchiness into one of accomplished songcraft. Drummer Katy Otto and bassist Basla Andolsun solidly drive each song, yet they also provide an abundance of expressive detail to prevent the album from lapsing into flatness. Guitarist and main vocalist Andrea Lisi thunders into prominence with a powerful voice that conveys hurt, hope, and listless reminiscences without being oppressive or grating. Paired with Andolsun�s backing vocals, Lisi�s voice settles into a fixed softness with sublime results. 

  1. Too Scared
  2. Three More
  3. Us Vs. Them
  4. Joe Goth
  5. Wreck
  6. Second Chance
  7. My Suzanne
  8. Cry Your Eyes Out
  9. Richmond
  10. Scream
  11. You Win
Recorded at:
Phase Studios

Produced by:
Del Cielo & Matt Squire

Mastered by:
John Golden