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Lovitt Records LOV55 Haram Drescher

Haram returns powerfully with their second full-length, Drescher, a fuller, more potent realization of themes initially presented in their first, self-titled full-length. Now with three guitarists, Haram takes a decidedly spacious approach with this nine-song album that looms and hovers. The quintet now presents pieces that are more fluid and varied in their approach; Haram's latest work supplements their grinding, early material with a technique that is anxious to meander around and explore a terrain informed by brooding melancholy and wry observation. Unrelenting and forward, Drescher shows Haram possessing a mature, tempered confidence that only comes with experience and do-it-yourself resolve.

1. Drescher Clock
2. Mannequin
3. St Feliu
4. Fever Sleep
5. M Greene
6. Centrum
7. Death Blues
8. Head Over Heart
9. Marbo Court