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Lovitt Records LOV61 Ben Davis Charge It Up!

Charge It Up! , Ben Davis’ third solo full-length (and the fourteenth album on which his solo work has appeared) is packed to the gills with the kind of frenetic, danceable, shoutable, undeniably beyond catchy hard pop that has flowed like a river of hot lava through his entire catalog. It is a tremendous, itch-scratching record that makes you jones to see Ben Davis & Co. live, asap. You know what it would be like in your head; you know the moves you would bust, you know the empty PBR can you would throw, out of pure joy, into the rest of the writhing, sweaty crowd. Everything’s there: Davis’ crunchy, fuzzed-out, sun-bright riffage, the unstoppable percussive energy, the soaring rock melodies that are so sick they should be in a hospital.

1. Precipiced
2. I Want U To Want 2
3. Robocoppin’
4. Machu Picchu (New Small Town)
5. Rincon Pio Sounds
6. The Aspirin Hotel
7. Hidden In You Window
8. Who Spilled Their Emo Dust?
9. The Adventure Of Regular
10. Rawls Around The Fountain