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Lovitt Records LOV68 Regents S/t

Regents, whose members hail from a 200 mile stretch of i95, are veterans of some of the most influential hardcore bands of the 90’s including Maximillian Colby, Sleepytime Trio, Frodus, The Exploder, Men’s Recovery Project, Battery, and Combat Wounded Veteran. Band mates David NeSmith, Drew Ringo, Dan Evans and Jason Hamacher have come together to form a brutal and heavily charged punk band.

Regents formed in the summer of 2007 when NeSmith and Hamacher were playing as a keytar & drum duo called Regions. The following year Ringo and Evans moved back to the east coast and both separately approached David about playing music. NeSmith called a meeting and the three quickly realized their mutual goals. A call to Hamacher turned Regions from a duo into a quartet. A misunderstanding on Ringo’s part changed the band name from Regions to Regents and the rest is history.

Drawing inspiration from years playing in basements, squats, and living rooms, Regents crafted four songs of pure ferocity laden with heavy hitting drums, distorted ringing guitars and blood curdling screams. Recorded by Joseph Mitra at Wired Wrists, the four songs will be released as a 7 inch record from Lovitt Records. Presented here are the forces of Frodus, Sleepytime Trio, and The Exploder, combined and shaken, delivering a faster, more direct, and purer sonic cocktail that than any of their previous offerings.

The 7" features a free MP3 download code.

David NeSmith
Drew Ringo
Dan Evans
Jason Hamacher

Recorded At
Wired Wrists
Mastered By
Josh Bonati