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Desperate Glow


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Lovitt Records LOV79 Wedding Dress Desperate Glow

Formed in Chicago, originally as a creative side project for Maps & Atlases guitarist Erin Elders, Wedding Dress has grown to include Mike Russell & Matt Lemke (Suns), Bobby Burg (Love of Everything/Joan of Arc) and Christian Dawson (Gypsyblood). The eclectic line-up lends itself to the distinct complexity of Wedding Dress’ debut full-length Desperate Glow released November 18 on Lovitt Records. Staying true to the group’s blend of dreamy alternative and pop, Erin Elders’ distinguished vocals are ghostly at times, delivering narratives with memorable and haunting choruses. Elders himself describes the songs on the album as having a unique sense of space: “almost confusing and dream-like.”

  1. Heirlooms
  2. Holy Water
  3. Soldier's Jawline
  4. Frail Flakes
  5. Firework Smoke
  6. The Warp & The Weft
  7. New Mountain Sun
  8. Offerings
  9. Bejeweled
  10. Morbid Men
  11. Somewhere Darker/li>

Mastered By
Emily Lazar
Mixed By
Jason Richards