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Lovitt Records LOV91 Trupa Trupa Of The Sun

Almost every song on Of The Sun—the magnetic fifth album from the Polish quartet Trupa Trupa—lands like an anthem, with barbed hooks driven by an italicized rhythm section and a chimera of crisscrossing harmonies. Throughout its propulsive 12-song sequence, this is an album that never lets up. From the relentlessly pulsing “Long Time Ago” to the deep glisten of “Longing,” Of The Sun is an unbroken string of hits in Trupa Trupa’s idiosyncratic, self-made universe.

Of The Sun was recorded, produced and mixed by Michal Kupicz during October and November 2018 in Gdańsk, Poland at Custom 34 studios. Trupa Trupa is Grzegorz Kwiatkowski (vocal, guitar), Wojciech Juchniewicz (vocal, bass guitar, guitar), Rafał Wojczal (second guitar, keys), and Tomasz Pawluczuk (drums).

1. Dream About
2. Mangle
3. Another Day
4. Angle
5. Longing
6. Remainder
7. Anyhow
8. Long Time Ago
9. Of The Sun
10. Glory
11. Turn
12. Satellite

Recorded At
Custom 34 Studios