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Lovitt Records LOV94 sóley Mother Melancholia

With three solo LPs under her belt, Icelandic musician Sóley , is releasing her new concept album, Mother Melancholia.  Mother Melancholia is the soundtrack to the end of the world as we know it. The new album sees Sóley move away from the indie-pop of her previous releases. She began by experimenting with writing songs on the accordion, allowing her a new sense of freedom in her writing. The process allowed her to broaden her horizons even further and experiment with a whole range of new and exciting sounds.  In true soundtrack style, the album flows through the end of the world in chronological order, closing with the Earth’s final moments.  Mother Melancholia is the mark of an artist confidently striding into more experimental territory. Sóley felt compelled to try something new and express the real her. The music might be shrouded in darkness but it’s a move that fills her with joy and freedom.