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By: Arthur Busher almost 10 years ago

Hey looks like this is 2 years late but that song is called "Where did you go" and it's on the Bugman Ep.

By: Angela Swenson almost 12 years ago

I am looking for this song that goes "Hey where did you go? I don't think I know. I thought I saw you on the bus today, but now I don't know. Did you see me? Exercising all my rights freely..." I love that song that I heard y'a'll play in Denton, TX once....I got the EP, but it was stolen and I can not remember which one it was.

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Arrest Records are03 French Toast Hatred Mace/For Sylvia

Two songs by French Toast. Released in 2003 on Arrest Records.

James Canty
guitar, vocals, keyboards
Jerry Busher
drums, vocals, electronics