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Lovitt Records lov08 Impossible 5 Rally Race

Adam Krell
Steve Kille
Jason Simon
Roland Lo
April 1997
Fall 1997

The last recorded material by The Impossible Five before their demise. Recorded at Boombox Magnetica on a open-reel 8-track by Jonathan Kreinik (who has also produced Trans Am and Frodus). This record is the best documentation of The Impossible Five's energy and well-crafted songwriting to date.

The A-side scorches you with "Rally Race '66", a high-octane rock song that captures the thrill of the race! On the flipside is "Loser's Bracket" which is a keyboard-driven song sung by guitarist Jason Simon that brings back to mind early Bowie and Portastatic. A perfect gem of a 7" by a band who made their mark on the DC scene with their creativity and innovation. The Impossible Five are missed.

  1. Rally Race
  2. The Loser's Bracket
Recorded at
Boombox Magnetica
Produced by
Impossible 5 and Jonathan Kreinik