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Lovitt Records lov12 Four Hundred Years Transmit Failure

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Daron Hollowell
guitar and vocals
Dave Jackson
guitar and vocals
Erin Housholder
Ash Bruce
April 1998
Re Released:
Winter 2005

Remastered in late 2004, this is Four Hundred Years' sophomore release. In comparison to their first release, Suture, Transmit Failure leaps forward musically, featuring a more produced and enhanced sound courtesy of producer J. Robbins. Bolstered by the rhythm section�s taut dynamics, Four Hundred Years delivers their fiercely political invective in sputtered fits and starts.

The quartet ferociously slashes through their charged rants, railing on social injustice and class inequality. Ragged, sharp vocals tear passionately into their political topics, while the guitars, bass, and drums roil in the background, providing the brawny heft that supports this band so well. A breakthrough album for the band, Transmit Failure provides listeners with a prime example of socially conscious hardcore that doesn�t fail to deliver on the technical side of the bargain. Transmit Failure was recorded at Inner Ear by J. Robbins in April 1998. The 2004 remastered version features slightly different artwork, as well as video footage of one of their live sets.

  1. Power of Speech
  2. Penny For Your Thoughts
  3. Radio Silence
  4. Transmit Failure
  5. An Hour Too Late
  6. Motion Sicknes
  7. Throw Spark
  8. Sequence
  9. Give Us This Day
  10. Line Breaker
Recorded at
Inner Ear Studios
Produced by
Four Hundred Years & J Robbins
Remastered by
Chad Clark @ Silver Sonya