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Lovitt Records lov14 Jason Falkner Holiday

Jason Falkner
all instruments

Isn't all music emotional? Well, in this world of neo-Sunny Day Real Estate-clone rock bands, we are proud to introduce to the initiated, as well as the uninitiated, a shining hope in the pop sensibilities of Jason Falkner! The epic first track, "Holiday," kicks off the A-side with a flurry of keyboards, shimmery guitars, and melodic vocals that cross into other harmonies. The well-crafted arrangement enters new levels of pop transcendence. On the flip, "Down at the Lake" takes the listener on a faster-paced ride with a story about being young that brings on hooks the size of Jupiter; the powerful ending of the song rounds out this single perfectly with an extremely catchy hummable line. This single will find you constantly pressing repeat on your turntable!

  1. Holiday
  2. Down At The Lake
Recorded at
Arthur Unknown Studios
Produced by
Jason Falkner