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Lovitt Records lov16 Jason Falkner Can You Still Feel?

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Jason Falkner
all instruments
Feb 23, 1999

Jason Falkner returns with his long awaited second full-length album, Can You Still Feel? Playing all the instruments himself, Jason displays masterful musicianship and diversity while paying attention to the every minute detail from the vocal harmonies to the lush guitar lines. The way in which the different instruments interact with each other makes one wonder if Mr. Falkner is one of multiple personalities; at times, the overflow of his talent can seem simply uncanny. Can You Still Feel? showcases more diverse songwriting than his previous efforts, exploring the darker side of things as well as delivering his trademarked pop anthems. To top it off, Jason is keeping it real by giving the people 2 extra tracks exclusive to vinyl format (a Brian Eno and a Monochrome Set cover)! One of the best pop albums of the decade! This IS music that touches the soul of humanity.

  1. The Invitation
  2. Author Unknown
  3. Revelation
  4. My Lucky Day
  5. Eloquence
  6. I Already Know
  7. See You Again
  8. Honey
  9. The Plan
  10. All God's Creature
  11. Goodnight Sweet Night
  12. Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
  13. Tomorrow Will Be Too Long
Recorded by
Nigel Godrich
Produced by
Jason Falkner & Nigel Godrich