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Lovitt Records lov18 Four Hundred Years Suture

Daron Hollowell
guitar and vocals
Dave Jackson
guitar and vocals
Erin Housholder
Ash Bruce

At last! The legendary Suture LP (originally released on Great American Steak Religion) plus the first Four Hundred Years 7" (originally on Yuletide/Rosepetal) has reappeared for the masses on CD format! This album is one that garnered the band critical acclaim and cult status around the world with its poignant political lyrics and unabashed energy. Indeed, this is timeless post-punk that will rekindle the flames of discontent and revive the revolutionary spirit.

  1. Intro
  2. Lifesupport
  3. Suture
  4. Steve's Song
  5. Level Playing Field
  6. Nickel And Dime
  7. Thicker Than Water
  8. Architect
  9. Love Letter to the CIA
  10. Six Minutes
  11. Signal
  12. Red Tape
  13. Lock Up
  14. Hoodwinked