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Lovitt Records lov21 Engine Down To Bury Within The Sound

Keeley Davis
guitar and vocals
Jonanthan Fuller
guitar and vocals
Jason Wood
bass and vocals
Cornbread Compton
Feb 2000
Fall 2000

After such a powerful, dynamic first album, it would have been expected for Engine Down to rest on their collective laurels, basking in the praise of critic and lay listener alike. Engine Down, however, have not been content on recycling musical patterns from the last album, deciding instead to take the calculated risk of surprising the listener with innovative songwriting and lyricism. Succeeding admirably, their second full-length, To Bury Witin the Sound, represents a different facet of Engine Down, but a facet based on the stable foundation laid by previous releases. The more cohesive and thoughtful production of this album buttresses and compliments their improved, advanced song composition. Indeed, it is apparent that Engine Down have placed a premium on the architecture and aesthetics of this album. Engine Down are concerned with contrasting intensities in the album's individual songs, alternating generic registers to evoke and impress a variety of responses. For Engine Down, To Bury Within the Sound is a definitive resolution, a resolution to immerse, and indeed bury, listeners in their carefully woven endeavor.

  1. Retread
  2. Trial Error
  3. Somnolent Detachment
  4. Intent to Pacify
  5. Patent on the Better
  6. Worth
  7. Depth Perception
  8. In Favor
  9. Two Tone
  10. To Bury Within the Sound
Recorded at
Inner Ear Studios
Produced by
J. Robbins and Engine Down