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Lovitt Records lov22 Bats & Mice s/t

Ben Davis
bass and vocals
Jonathan Fuller
David NeSmith
guitar and vocals

Bats and Mice features 3/4 of Sleepytime Trio (Ben Davis, Jonathan Fuller, Dave Nesmith). After the other Sleepytime member (Drew Ringo) had moved to the west coast for nearly one year, the remainder of Sleepytime decided it was time to begin playing together again. In the meantime, Jonathan had started Engine Down, Dave began the Rah Bras, and Ben tri-founded Milemarker. Longtime friends, the three decided that, despite the distance between the three of them, they must continue playing together. As no surprise, they continue to intrigue us with powerful, intense musicianship.

This CDep features three songs crafted in a softer, less abrasive manner than the members' other bands, crafted with more attention to vocal melody and space. Almost subdued, but surprisingly powerful, this CD is guaranteed to find its place in heavy rotation among the lovers of the same style of piano and melody that create bands like Three Mile Pilot, Radiohead, and Sunny Day Real Estate.

  1. This Can Become Completely The Same
  2. Your Myself
  3. The Bridge Is Out (To Burn)
Recorded by
Mark Smoot
Produced by
Bats & Mice & Mark Smoot